Stila Liquid Eye Shadow: Beautiful or Drab?

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Today we’re looking at Stila Liquid Eye Shadow. Stila’s been known for years to create beauty products and makeup that lasts long and brings a shine to your day that last for hours and hours. The Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow perfectly combines glitter and reflective pearl for a stunning, long-lasting look that brightens your eyes.

That being said, is the Stila Liquid Eye Shadow any good? There are plenty of other long-lasting eyeshadows to choose from. We’re going to dive deep without our Stila Liquid Eye Shadow review and check the look, colors, feeling, how long it lasts, and if this makeup is safe.

Read on to see if the Stila eyeshadow is right for you.


What does this eyeshadow look like? Stila uses a water-infused texture that captures the glitter and pearl while mixing it with a main color that makes your eye really sparkle and glow. While the makeup is lightweight, it gives exceptional coverage and color that will be seen across the room.

Whether combined with other products or used on its own, this will truly transform your eyes and give them a powerful look that no one can ignore. From bright golds to striking silvers and blues, this eyeshadow has the pop you’re looking for. It might feel thin at first when you apply it, but it really holds its own once it dries and the color and glitter are locked in.

Not only that, but the lightweight eyeshadow makes it simple to choose whether you want to go sheer or thick and bold.


Glitter eyeshadow is supposed to come in strong colors that really make them shine. From metal tones to more conventional colors, you want to ensure that you’re getting the color that makes your eyes really light up. So, how many colors are available for Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow? Our Stila Liquid Eye Shadow review found that there are over a dozen colors available and new ones are occasionally added.

Some of the most popular Stila Liquid Eyeshadow colors include:

  • Bronzed Bell: bronze, silver with a copper sparkle
  • Gold Goddess: sheer gold and silver sparkle
  • Rose Gold Retro: rose gold and silver sparkle
  • Kitten Karma: champagne and silver with copper sparkle
  • Molten Midnight: black and silver/gold sparkle
  • Smoky Storm: pewter and silver sparkle
  • Smoldering Satin: deep tan and silver sparkle

These are just the most popular colors. There are more to choose from and we recommend you check them out. Each color is breathtaking and worth seeing, so give them a look.

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How does Stila Liquid Eye Shadow feel? If you’ve used eyeshadow for years, then you know some brands feel thick and clumpy while others are lightweight and easily glide onto your skin. No one wants uncomfortable eyeshadow, or even worse, runny eyeshadow that gets into your eyes. Talk about nightmares!

As you might expect when we mentioned water-based ingredients, Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow is lightweight and simply glides onto your skin with ease. It does feel cold and wet when you first put it on (no surprise, it’s water-based!), but it quickly dries in mere seconds. You’ll hardly feel it once it dries, so you shouldn’t have to worry about your eyelid feeling irritated or heavy.

What about the glitter and pearl? Do you have to worry about it falling out? We’ll touch on this a little more in the next section, but Stila Eyeshadow is exceptional at glitter lockdown, so the glitter loss is minimal.

If you’re looking for comfortable eyeshadow that feels great all day, then we give this a big thumb’s up! It feels as great as it looks, and that’s saying something.

How Long Does Stila Liquid Eyeshadow Last?

There’s “long lasting” eyeshadow that makes big promises but doesn’t deliver, and then there’s true long lasting eyeshadow that stays on for hours without smearing, rubbing off, or fading. So, which category does Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Stila fall into?

It’s hard to guarantee an exact number of hours, but Liquid Eyeshadow from Stila lasts for many, many hours. This eyeshadow is made to last throughout the day and will keep your eyes looking fantastic at work, on dates, or anywhere else you wear it.

Now, what about the glitter fallout? Any glitter loses its sparkle as the glitter disappears (pun entirely intended). In general, Stila’s Liquid Eye Shadow is known for having very low fallout. The glitter should remain for many hours. We found that glitter is retained better with thinner, sheer layers, but it should be fine even if you’re thick with the eyeshadow.

You might also wonder how easy this eyeshadow is to remove. Stila’s Eyeshadow is water-based, so some soap and water should do the trick. You shouldn’t need anything stronger than that.

If you want true long lasting eyeshadow, then Stila Glitter and Glow is right for you.

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Is Stila Liquid Eyeshadow Safe?

If you have allergies or very sensitive skin, then we always recommend checking through the ingredients. While we can’t guarantee that this eyeshadow is safe for everyone, we combed through the Stila Liquid Eye Shadow reviews and found very few people complaining about irritation or any problems.

That being said, it seems that this eyeshadow is safe to wear for short or long periods of time. However, we again urge you to check the ingredients, especially if you have an allergies or sensitive skin.

Final Thoughts

So, is Stila Liquid Eye Shadow any good? We think so! With many bold colors, exceptional glitter retention, a wonderful feel that shouldn’t irritate the eyes, quick drying, and a lovely look, this eyeshadow is among the best. It applies easily and stays for hours.

Now the hard part: picking the best color. Let us know which one you choose!

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