Drybar Brush Crush vs Double Shot (Which Drybar is Best for My Hair?)

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Drybar is a brand that not only produces premium hair products, but also combines two or more of the best items into one. We see this today with our Drybar Brush Crush vs Double Shot review. Drybar Brush Crush combines a paddle brush and flat iron while Drybar Double Shot combines a round brush and hair dryer.

Our Drybar Double Shot vs Brush Crush review will compare these two based on temperature, controls, handle, bristles, and other differences that we find.

Read on to see which is better. They serve different needs, so some might find that both are ideal for them.

Drybar Brush Crush
Drybar Double Shot


Hair care is all about controlling temperature. Sometimes you want cool air, other times you want something really hot. It all depends on what you’re doing and how you want your hair to look.

Drybar Double Shot is a round brush and air dryer that is able to dry your hair, smooth it out, and detangle frizzy hair to make it more beautiful. There are three temperature settings for cool, medium, and high. Drybar hasn’t shared the exact temperature, but this is similar to any blow dryer.

If you want to dry your hair and comb it at the same time, then this is perfect.

Drybar Brush Crush is a flat iron and comb that are combined to straighten hair while also removing any tangles and knots. Since this straightens your hair, you need to make sure that the temperature is high enough to turn unruly locks into poker straight hair. Those with thicker hair need a flat iron that reaches at least 400 degrees while those with thinner hair need closer to 300-350.

Brush Crush reaches 450 degrees and comes with many temperature settings. You can easily set the exact temp you want with the controls. It also heats quickly, so you’ll have no problem straightening your hair.

Brush Crush offers more settings here and a better temperature range, but Double Shot is ideal if you want to dry and comb your hair simultaneously.

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Drybar Brush Crush vs Double Shot: Controls

Since both of these have temperature settings, you might be wondering how difficult they are to use. Our Drybar review has found that all of their products are simple to use, so both of these are great. We do prefer one over the other, but that’s only our preference. Some might disagree and that’s fine.

Starting with the Double Shot blow dryer, this has a round slider near the bottom of the handle. There are no helpful icons here to let you know how hot the dryer is. For example, you’ll see a snowflake for cool. It’s very easy to use. Just slide until you have the right temperature setting for your hair.

The Brush Crush hair straightener has up and down buttons to change the temperature. There’s also a small display that shows how hot the iron is. We prefer this because it makes it much easier to get the exact temperature you want.

While we prefer the straightener, Double Shot is great too because it’s incredibly easy to use. If you’ve ever used flat irons or blow dryers before, then these controls will be very familiar to you.

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Drybar Double Shot vs Brush Crush: Handle

We’ve seen some haircare products with atrocious handles. It seems so easy to do, but this is worth going over. You want a handle that is comfortable in your hand while also giving you some grip. The last thing you want is a slippery handle that keeps falling out of your hand, especially if you’re working through frizzy and difficult hair.

Thankfully, Drybar is a professional brand that makes premium products. That even includes their handles. You’ll find that both of these are fantastic and fit naturally in your hand. It’s just like holding any other brush.

Unlike the other sections where we found some significant differences between the products, both are fairly identical here. They both use smooth plastic with a slight texture that improves your grip. It’s similar to most other brushes that you’ve had.

It’s a tie here, and best of all, both are great to use.

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Since these both act as brushes, we thought it’d be a good idea to look at their bristles. One of the products is basically the same as a regular brush while the other has modified bristles.

Double Shot by Drybar has traditional metal bristles that easily dig into your hair and remove any tangles or knots. This is basically the same as any other round brush that you’ve used in the past, so it should feel comfortable going through your hair.

Brush Crush by Drybar has modified bristles that provide some safety against the heat while also improving performance. The bristles are dipped in plastic and are much wider than normal bristles. This allows them to easily get through knots, even if your hair is very thick and difficult to work with, and it prevents the product from getting too hot.

It’s hard to say which is better. Do you prefer something that is similar to a regular brush, or bristles that have been modified? In general, both are very useful and can easily glide through your hair.

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What is the Difference Between Drybar Brush Crush and Double Shot?

Curious about what is the difference between Drybar Double Shot and Brush Crush? There are actually many differences and that’s largely because these serve two different purposes. However, what we found is that both products are at the top of their games, and it’s wonderful having combination hair care products like this.

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Double Shot is a blow dryer and round brush, ensuring that it can easily get each and every hair follicle dry. It’s even good on dry hair because it smoothes it out and gives it a shiny look. The controls are simple and there are multiple temperature settings. You’ll find the bristles and handle are the same as any other round brush. The only difference is the smooth stream of air that is helping to dry your hair after a shower.

Brush Brush is a flat iron and comb combo that busts through knots and frizzy hair to give you super straight styles. There are various temperature settings, and selecting the right one is simple from the buttons on the handle. The bristles are wider than most brushes, but that’s actually very useful for getting through tough knots.

While they are different, both have been engineered with loving care to make them the best of the best.

Drybar Brush Crush
Drybar Double Shot

Final Thoughts

So, which is better in our Drybar Brush Crush vs Double Shot review? It’s tough to choose a winner since both of them are fantastic. We think that more people will find Brush Crush more useful since it did a better job of getting through knots and easily straightens hair, but those who want to make hair drying even more convenient will love Double Shot.

Since it’s so hard to pick the best, why not pick up both? Let us know your thoughts.

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