Babyliss Flat Iron vs Lange (Best Value Titanium Hair Straightener)

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Flat irons are an essential part of your daily routine. Whether you want your hair to be poker straight or have bouncy curls, a good flat iron is necessary to make your hair perfect. Finding the right flat iron is harder than it seems because there are so many options. Our Babyliss Flat iron vs Lange review will compare these two to see which is best for you.

Our Lange vs Babyliss Flat Iron review will compare these based on their temperature, plate width, material, comfort, and any other differences we uncover.

Read on to get the best titanium flat iron for thin or thick hair.

Babyliss Pro Flat Iron
Lange Hair Blush Iron

Why are Titanium Flat Irons Better?

One similarity we found between Babyliss and Lange is that they are both titanium flat irons, and you might be wondering why titanium flat irons are better than ceramic, tourmaline, and others.

One of the reasons why titanium hair straighteners are better is because they heat up faster than ceramic and other irons. They also require fewer passes than most other flat irons, which allows you to style your hair faster than ever.

Another bonus is that titanium is very durable, so expect these flat irons to last a long time. While titanium can be harder on certain hair types, this can be avoided by just setting it at the right temperature.

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Lange vs Babyliss Pro Flat Iron: Temperature

It’s best to pick a hair straightener with a high maximum temperature so you have more options available. While many say around 360-400 is the best temperature for hair styling, having higher than that is useful for thicker hair or if you want to make certain styles.

Both of these have the exact same max temperature of 450F. However, there is a significant difference between them.

It’s not just about the max temperature. You also need to consider how many temperature settings are available. Having few settings makes it hard to get the exact temp you want.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium offers 50 settings, which ensures you can easily pick exactly what you want for your hair. Drop it low for thin hair, or crank it high for thicker hair. Lange La Reve Blush 2-in-1 Flat Iron though doesn’t even offer half that many settings.

For that reason, we have to call Babyliss Titanium Nano the winner here. Lange Blush is good, but the lack of options means that it’s not as versatile.

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Lange vs Babyliss Flat Iron: Plate Width

The plate width refers to how wide the hot plates are. The vast majority of flat irons are about 1 inch, which tends to be a popular and useful size. This gives you a good balance of control and speed, but some people may want other sizes.

Smaller sizes tend to give you extra control while wider plates increase your speed as you can cover more area in less time. It’s hard to say which is best because it comes down to your preference, but we will say that we love having extra options.

So, who wins here with Babyliss Pro Flat Iron vs Lange?

If you’re looking only for a 1 inch titanium flat iron, then it’s a tie. Both of them offer this size. If you’re looking for a 1.5 inch titanium flat iron or a 2 inch titanium flat iron, then BabylissPro wins again. This brand offers more sizes, and each of them have the same amazing features.

While it comes down to what size you’re looking for, we have to say we like that Babyliss Nano has more sizes, but this could be considered a tie since both offer the most popular size.

Babyliss Pro Flat Iron
Lange Hair Blush Iron

Babyliss Pro Flat Iron vs Lange: Material

Both of these hair straighteners use similar materials. In other flat iron reviews we covered the difference between ceramic and titanium curling irons, or we’ve talked about the different blend of titanium and ceramic, but these flat irons are nearly the same.

They both use a titanium and ceramic blend. The plates themselves are titanium, which allows them to heat quickly and straighten or style your hair in just a few passes. However, the heating element itself is ceramic. As a heating element, ceramic is amazing. It’s fast, heats thoroughly, and lasts a long time.

It’s a tie here as they are very similar. The build quality is somewhat better with Babyliss, but overall they are very similar.

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Babyliss Flat Iron vs Lange: Comfort

If you’re just looking at them, then you might expect both flat irons to have the same type of hand comfort. The handles are very similar looking. Truth is that they both fit easily in your hand, but we found that Babyliss was much more comfortable, especially for those long styling sessions when you’re trying something new or intricate.

The Lange Hair Flat Iron handle is thicker and a tiny bit harder to hold. It’s great overall, but it’s second best here.

Babyliss Pro Nano on the other hand has a thinner handle that feels sturdy, is simple to hold, and allows you to make any style you can think of. You’ll find that this is truly one of the best flat irons once you hold it.

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What is the Difference Between Babyliss Flat Iron and Lange?

Curious about what is the difference between Lange and Babyliss Flat Iron? We found that while they appear similar at first glance, there are some significant differences between them. In general, we found in our Babyliss Pro Flat Iron vs Lange Blush review that Babyliss was built better, offers more, and is definitely the better of the two.

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While they both have the same max temperature of 450F, Babyliss offers more than double the number of settings. This makes it easy to get the exact temperature you want. Babyliss also offers more plate width sizes, though both come in the most popular size of 1 inch. We also found that Babyliss is more comfortable due to its superior handle.

In fact, the only area where they tied was material because they use basically the same blend of titanium plates and a ceramic heating element. In all other cases, we found that Lange was the weaker of the two.

Babyliss Pro Flat Iron
Lange Hair Blush Iron

Final Thoughts

So, who wins in our Lange vs Babyliss Pro Flat Iron review? While Lange Blush is a good flat iron, it’s only second best here. Babyliss is stronger, offers more settings, is easier to use, and has more size options. We definitely recommend it as the best flat iron here.

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