Dermablend vs Dermacol Foundation (Best Foundation for Sensitive Skin)

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A good foundation is essential to beautiful makeup. Whether you’re correcting your skin tone or reducing the size of your pores, foundation adds to the overall effect and is required for great beauty routines. Finding the right brand is hard though, which is why we made this Dermablend vs Dermacol foundation review.

Our Dermacol vs Dermablend foundation review will compare these based on skin type, coverage, shades, special features, and any other difference we can find.

While Dermacol Full Coverage Foundation is good for those on a budget and it works in a pinch, we found that Dermablend Foundation is far superior and definitely one of the best brands out there.

Dermablend Foundation
Dermacol Foundation

Is Dermablend a Good Foundation?

Made by the unlikely pairing of a dermatologist and makeup artist, Dermablend foundation is made for those who want superior coverage, skin protection, and high-performance beauty products.

This product is regularly tested for safety, and it’s both allergy tested and skin sensitivity tested to ensure it works for nearly everyone. It’s also non-comedogenic.

Aside from using high-performance pigments, this foundation is free of fragrances, phthalates, and it’s also cruelty-free. On top of that, it’s also a vegan formula.

Whether you want the best for your skin or the planet, we’ve found that Dermablend truly is one of the best brands out there.

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Is Deramcol a Good Foundation?

While not up to the same standards of Dermablend, we found that Dermacol is a good foundation in its own right. It’s at a better price point, which is justified considering its performance. While we wouldn’t consider this a premium foundation, it’s a good one nonetheless.

Dermacol is paraben free, preservative free, and hypoallergenic. It promotes healthy skin and protects you from the sun and other harmful elements. Not only that, but they don’t use harmful chemicals in their products.

This is really a battle of good vs best. Deramcol is good, but Dermablend is best.

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Skin Types

What skin types does Dermablend foundation work on? What skin types does Dermacol foundation work on? We found that both of these are very similar in terms of which skin types they work with, but Dermablend goes beyond the label and works much better in general. Keep that in mind as the ingredients are a higher quality, and it was blended to work with dermatological standards.

Both of these are formulated to work with all skin types. Dermacol is labeled as working with all skin types while Dermablend specifically says it works on combination, oily, and normal skin types. In general we would say that most skin types are perfectly fine with either.

However, what about those of you with allergies, or prone to rashes? While you should check the labels before making a decision, Dermablend was made to a higher standard and is less likely to develop rashes or other forms of irritation. Dermacol is pretty good here as well, just not quite as good.

Overall it’s pretty close, but Dermablend just does the job a little better.

Dermablend Foundation
Dermacol Foundation


Why do people wear foundation? One of the major reasons is for the coverage. Whether you’re looking for light coverage foundation or extreme coverage foundation, you want to cover your skin. Sometimes to make yourself look even more beautiful, other times to make it better for makeup.

While both provide a great level of coverage, we found once again that Dermablend goes the extra mile and does so much better. However, we were surprised by how well Dermacol fared.

Both of these work quite well on uneven skin, blotches, irritation, acne, and common imperfections like stretch marks. They’re also great for discoloration from age, dark under-eye marks, and more. You’ll find these are also the best foundation for mature skin along with the best foundation for bruises as they can conceal surgical bruises with ease.

What about tattoos? Both of these concealers can completely hide tattoos. Dermablend did a bit better here, especially with darker and more vivid tattoos, but both were amazing.

However, when it comes to concealing spider veins, varicose veins, and having a very lightweight finish, we found that Dermablend excelled here. Dermacol was OK, but it seemed to be lacking a bit.

Once again, we found that both do a wonderful job, but Dermablend is the better of the two.

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Dermacol vs Dermablend Foundation: Shades

On the outside, we found that these two are tied in terms of the variety of shades they offer. However, when we looked a little deeper, we found that one brand was more balanced than the other. You can probably guess who by now.

Both Dermacol and Dermablend offer 16 different shades that are developed for dark, medium, and light skin tones. They both look very natural and blend well with your skin. However, we found that the variety present in Dermablend was more natural looking along with more balanced.

Dermacol seems to have more shades dedicated to lighter and medium skin tones while Dermablend offers equal amounts for dark, medium, and light skin. Both are quite good, and one might work better for your unique skin than another, but we suggest giving Dermablend a look first.

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Dermablend vs Dermacol Foundation: Special Features

What else does your foundation do? A good foundation should do more than just correct your skin pigmentation. You want to get as many benefits as possible from your skin routine, and both of these have different features you’re sure to love.

Dermablend offers SPF25 protection from the sun, it’s transfer-resistant, and it’s extremely lightweight so you’ll hardly feel it there. This foundation has a very natural finish, and it’s been dermatologist tested. Not only that, but it’s allergy tested, non-comedogenic, and provides all-day hydration. Lastly, it’s a vegan formulation that’s free of cruelty.

Next up is Dermacol. This beauty product is paraben free, preservative free, hypoallergenic, provides SPF30 protection against the sun, and it’s waterproof. While the list isn’t quite as long as Dermablend, it does offer better sun and water protection.

Dermablend Foundation
Dermacol Foundation

What is the Difference Between Dermablend and Dermacol Foundation?

Curious about what is the difference between Dermacol and Dermablend foundation? We found that while both of them are similar, Dermablend outperformed Dermacol in nearly every area. However, Dermacol performs quite well considering its price, but it’s definitively in second place here.

Both of them were made for all skin types, but Dermablend is dermatologist developed and tested, making it far better for those with very sensitive skin or who are prone to breakouts from other products. They also both offer extreme coverage and conceal everything from tattoos to scars and most skin imperfections, but Dermablend looks more natural and covered better.

Another similarity is that they both offered 16 different shades, but we found that Dermablend looked more natural and their colors were more balanced. Lastly, they both offer sun protection and are good with most skin allergies, but Dermablend is also vegan, cruelty free, and ideal for most people.

Final Thoughts

Both of these are good, but which foundation is the best? Dermacol is good if you want to save some money, but Dermablend is far better and really what you should be using. Not only does it work better, but you’re getting a much better value and it protects your skin better.

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