Dermablend vs Dermaflage Foundation (Is Cream or Powder Foundation Best?)

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Beauty foundation is an essential part of your routine, and there are so many different ones to pick from. While everyone has their own preferences, you might be wondering which is really the best. We aim to answer that with our Dermablend vs Dermaflage foundation review.

Our Dermaflage vs Dermablend foundation review will compare these based on skin types, coverage, shades, and any special features we can find.

While Dermaflage powder foundation is good, we found that Dermablend cream foundation is far more versatile and better overall due to its strict allergy and dermatology testing standards.

Dermablend Foundation
Dermaflage Foundation

Cream vs Powder Foundation: Which is Best?

Knowing what type of foundation is best really comes down to your preference. You can pick between both cream and powder foundations. They both look extremely different (one is a powder while the other is a smooth cream), but they function very similarly in terms of coverage, correcting imperfections, and balancing your skin tone. So, what is the real difference here?

Cream foundation is thicker and has a creamy texture that glides over your skin. Not only that, but it has a dewy finish against your skin once it dries.

Powder foundation is dry and light. There are both loose and pressed versions to choose from. The finish is matte and it reflects less light than cream foundations.

While the appearance is different as is the texture and finish, they are both very effective and it really comes down to what you’re looking for.

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Skin Types

Some beauty products only work for specific skin types while others are formulated for all of them, such as dry, oily, normal, or sensitive skin. The good news here is that both of these foundations are made for all skin types. That being said, is there any difference we can find between them?

Both of them work with all skin types. Not only that, but they are quite good with sensitive skin due to using high-quality ingredients. However, we found that Dermablend is definitely a premium foundation because it’s been allergy tested, developed to exacting dermatology standards, and it’s been tested with sensitive skin.

Dermaflage is quite good as well, and it works with all skin types, even those with sensitive skin. However, we found that it wasn’t quite as good as Dermablend.

Both of these options are great, but Dermablend is a premium experience while Dermaflage is second best here.

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Foundation doesn’t just correct your skin tone and work as a stage for your other makeup layers. It also covers up imperfections like scars, bruises, veins, and more. While we found that both provide good coverage, it’s no surprise that Dermablend Leg and Body Foundation provided far better coverage.

Dermablend works to cover up nearly every imperfection you can think of. This is able to remove the appearance of scars, spider veins, varicose veins, bruises, stretch marks, and even tattoos. Take a look at some of the Dermablend photos and you’ll see that tattoos completely vanish under this foundation.

Dermaflage is great as well, but it’s best for covering scars, pockmarks, and smoothing skin. It doesn’t work quite as well in terms of covering tattoos or the appearance of certain imperfections.

We suggest Dermablend here because it covers far better and even has a more natural appearance.

Dermablend Foundation
Dermaflage Foundation

Dermaflage vs Dermablend Foundation: Shades

A foundation is only as good as its shade. Using the wrong shade means that it won’t blend with your skin. Not only does this look terrible, but it won’t give you the beautiful appearance that you deserve. While the number of shades doesn’t necessarily mean one is better than another (what really matters is how well it emulates your natural skin tone), this factor does show that there’s a better variety.

We found that Dermablend beauty foundation offers 12 different shades to choose from. There is an equal number of dark, medium, and light shades, making it easy to find one that matches your natural appearance. Not only that, but they offer a variety of dark and light tones to ensure the foundation looks just like your skin.

Dermaflage beauty foundation doesn’t offer quite as many shades, but it offers 8 shades to pick from. These are also quite balanced between dark and light tones, ensuring that you can find one that works for you. Not only that, but being a powder foundation means that this gives you a matte finish that you might prefer.

While it’s best to look over the shades and make up your own mind, we found that Dermablend has a larger variety of options and they tend to look more natural.

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Dermablend vs Dermaflage Foundation: Special Features

You may not know it, but most foundations come with some special features. Maybe it’s sun protection, maybe it’s being transfer-resistant, or being great with sensitive skin. It’s best to consider these features to see what else you’re getting from your foundation. While Dermaflage offers some good features, we found that Dermablend was more robust and offered far more.

Dermablend has SPF25 protection, plus it’s extremely lightweight and transfer-resistant. You’ll also find that it has a natural finish that makes it blend seamlessly with your skin. This foundation has been dermatologist tested, allergy tested, and it’s also vegan and cruelty free. On top of that, it’s non-comedogenic and is an all-day moisturizer.

Dermaflage has SPF26 protection, and it lasts all day. This foundation is smudge proof, lightweight, and has a high-pigment formulation that’s ideal for color correction. You won’t find harmful chemicals used here, and it provides sun protection via titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

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What is the Difference Between Dermablend and Dermaflage Foundation?

Curious about what is the difference between Dermaflage and Dermablend foundation? We found that both are good, but Dermablend is definitely the premium option here as it excels in nearly every area.

Perhaps the biggest difference between them is that Dermablend is cream while Dermaflage is powder. They are both great with all skin types, but Dermablend has been more rigorously tested for allergies and dermatological standards, making it better for your skin.

Not only that, but Dermablend effortlessly covers tattoos and difficult skin imperfections. While Dermaflage has great coverage as well, you can easily see a difference between them. They both offer a good number of shades, but Dermablend offered more and they looked more natural.

Lastly, while both offer sun protection, Dermablend offers more extra features overall such as being vegan, allergy tested, moisturizing, and more.

Dermablend Foundation
Dermaflage Foundation

Final Thoughts

So, which is better: Dermablend foundation or Dermaflage foundation? Both of these are good, but we have no doubt that Dermablend is the better of the two. With more shades, better coverage, better standards, a vegan formulation, and so many other benefits, we recommend Dermablend here. 

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