Dermablend vs Maybelline Foundation (Best Facial Foundation)

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There are hundreds of foundations out there with grand promises, but finding the right one for your skin can be very difficult. Today, we’re going to be looking at two of the most popular foundations to see which is really better for you. Our Dermablend for Maybelline Fit Me review is going to show you which of these is better for your face.

Our Maybelline vs Dermablend review is going to compare these two based on skin type, coverage, number of shades, special features, and any differences that we can find.

Maybelline does have some advantages, such as shades, but Dermablend is far better for more skin types, it’s been tested by dermatologists, and it’s great for those with skin allergies.

Dermablend Foundation
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Which Foundation is Good for Dry Skin?

There are lots of beauty foundations that are good for dry skin. However, is Maybelline Fit Me or Dermablend good for dry skin? While Maybelline Fit Me Foundation is good for many different skin types, it’s rated only for normal to oily skin. This means that Maybelline is not good for dry skin.

On the other hand, Dermablend Foundation is made for all skin types. Not only is Dermablend Foundation great for dry skin, but it’s also been tested for allergens, it’s a vegan formula, and it’s been formulated by dermatologists to ensure it is one of the finest beauty foundations on the market today.

You can easily find a foundation for dry skin, but it’s hard to find one as good as Dermablend.

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Maybelline vs Dermablend: Skin Types

Which skin types can you use beauty foundation on? The answer should be any skin type, but it really depends on the product of your choosing. Our other foundation reviews have found that most work for all skin types, but sometimes there is a product that only works for certain ones. Because of that, we have to say that Dermablend is much more versatile and the winner here.

What skin types can you use Dermablend foundation on? This foundation is good for all skin types. You can use it on dry, normal, really, or combination skin. More than that, you can also use it on sensitive skin. It is both allergy and sensitivity tested, and it’s highly recommended by many dermatologists.

What skin types can you use Maybelline Fit Me Foundation on? This Foundation is rated for normal to oily skin. It could also be used on combination skin, as long as that combination is normal and oily. This foundation is not made to be used on dry skin, you can actually end up doing more harm than good if you do use it on dry skin.

While both are good, it really depends on what skin type you have. If you have normal or oily skin, then it’s pretty much a tie between them. For those with dry or sensitive skin, we would highly recommend Dermablend as the winner here.

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Maybelline vs Dermablend Foundation: Coverage

Foundation is meant to cover your imperfections, smooth your skin tone, and reduce your pore size. While you don’t always need heavy coverage, it’s good if you have it to ensure that you get the best coverage possible. Once again, we found both are good here, but Dermablend is the superior one.

How much coverage do you get with Dermablend Foundation? This foundation is able to cover everything from common imperfections, such as stretch marks and wrinkles, and it can even hide tattoos and completely even out your skin tone. Despite the heavy coverage, it actually feels lightweight and very natural on your skin.

How much coverage do you get with Maybelline Fit Me Foundation? You get a lot of coverage here too, just not as much. This is good for reducing pore size, covering common imperfections, and evening out your skin tone. However, for those who are looking for more coverage, they might find Maybelline lacking.

It depends on how much coverage you’re looking for, but you get much more with Dermablend. We would recommend it more than Maybelline, but we would say that Maybelline is good if you only need light to moderate coverage.

Dermablend Foundation
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Dermablend vs Maybelline: Shades

You want to make sure that your foundation matches your natural skin shade. While you can sometimes go a little lighter or darker if really needed, you want to make sure that the foundation matches your natural skin tone as much as possible. While Dermablend offers many different shades and natural colors, Maybelline Fit Me matte foundation offers many more.

How many shades does Dermablend Foundation come in? This foundation comes in 12 different shades currently. They’re equally balanced between light, medium, and darker tones. They look very natural, and we recommend that you take a look at them.

How many shades does Maybelline Fit Me Foundation come in? Not to be beat out, Maybelline comes in 40 different shades. They also look very natural, and are also quite balanced. This might make it easier to find one that matches your natural skin tone, but it’s still good to look at them to see which color is really best for you.

While it really depends on which color is right for you, you do get more options with Maybelline and this might make it easier to find the one that works with you.

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Dermablend vs Maybelline Foundation: Special Features

It’s not enough for a foundation to only be a foundation.  You should get other special features with it as well. Nearly all the foundations now are also concealers, but even that’s not enough. We found that you get pretty similar special features with both of these foundations, but you get better features and more of them with Dermablend.

What special features do you get with Dermablend? This Foundation offers SPF25 sun protection. It lasts all day, is both cruelty free and uses a vegan formula, and is regularly tested for allergies and sensitivity. The formula is constantly upgraded based on current dermatology information. This makes it great for sensitive skin, but also makes sure that you get a good amount of moisture, coverage, and natural-looking colors.

What special features do you get with Maybelline? This foundation also offers sun protection, but it’s only SPF18. The foundation will also last all day, and as you can expect from a larger brand, it’s dermatologist tested and approved.

While Maybelline gives you some good features, we would definitely say that Dermablend is the better of the two.

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What is the Difference Between Dermablend and Maybelline Foundation?

Curious about what is the difference between Maybelline and Dermablend foundation? We found that these foundations have some similarities, but there are many more differences between them. Let’s cover the differences here so that you know which is better for you.

In terms of skin types, we found the Dermablend was much more versatile. Unlike Maybelline foundation that could only be used on normal and oily skin, Dermablend foundation can be used on all skin types along with sensitive skin. Another advantage for Dermablend is that it provided superior coverage when compared to Maybelline.

While both were good in terms of shades, Maybelline did have more than three times the number of shades. You can choose between 40 different shades with Maybelline foundation and only 12 shades of Dermablend. At the same time, we would say the Dermablend shades look natural and balanced.

They both have special features such as sun protection and all day coverage, but we found the Dermablend was much better in all aspects here.

Dermablend Foundation
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Final Thoughts

Is Maybelline or Dermablend better? While Maybelline is better in terms of price and it does include more shades, we found the Dermablend was best overall. Not only is it better with more skin types such as dry and sensitive skin, but they provide better protection from the sun, superior coverage, and a much better formulation.

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